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Alexander Roy

Team Polizei 144's Captain Alex Roy is an automotive/travel executive, rally driver, TV personality and philanthropist. Since 1997 he has been President of Europe By Car, the largest independent European Car Rental broker in the US, currently celebrating its 53rd anniversary. In 2002 he founded the notorious Team Polizei, and is the only 7-time trophy winner in Xtreme Rallysport, winning the 2003 Gumball 3000 Spirit Trophy, the 2004 Gumball Style Trophy, the 2005 Gumball Silver Trophy (unofficial, of course), the 2004 Bullrun USA Team Trophy, the 2004 Bullrun Ibiza Trophy & the 2005 Bullrun USA Silver Trophy.

Team Polizei has a flawless safety record across 8 rallies in four years, covering over 25,000+ miles in the US, Europe, Asia & Africa. Roy has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Forbes, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, the NY Post and Cosmopolitan, with a major Vanity Fair article about the ’03/04 Gumball victories in the June ’05 issue. He also starred in multiple rally shows & films, including “Gumball3000-The Movie”, “Xtreme Gumball 2004”, "6 Days in May", “Bullrun USA - Cops, Cars & Superstars”. Roy is an automotive technology columnist for both Gizmodo and Jalopnik. Roy is Chairman of The Moth, a literary storytelling non-profit organization allied with the New York Public Library, where he has spoken numerous times about his automotive adventures. He is also Producer of “32 Hours, 7 Minutes”, a documentary about the 1981-83 U.S. Express, the last no-holds barred illegal non-stop race from NY to LA.

Roy is represented by the William Morris Agency.

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